I was born and raised in Arizona and grew up in a large family of six kids. I have been in the construction industry for the last 20 years. When I started out, I had limited knowledge of the business and was basically told to drive the truck and pick up after the crews at a masonry company. I then went on to learn framing, drywall, and superintendent responsibilities while working with Compass West Inc. It was during my years there that I grew to love doing construction. My mentor Scott Craig taught me so many different facets in this industry. His work ethic and knowledge molded me into a hard working man that always aims to do my best and created a thirst to learn something new everyday.

Geometry and trigonometry were always my favorite subjects in school. Doing construction has put a real world application to something I already enjoyed. From cutting drywall and stairs to the proper angle to hold a paintbrush or trowel, mathematics is in my daily life. Being in the construction field gives me the opportunity to allow others to have great joy in obtaining an intangible want to something they really enjoy.

I am a father of 2 wonderful children and I continually work hard to provide for my family. I enjoy the opportunity I give to my children to have the choice to join me in the business or to forge their own path with whatever they desire.

I would love to assist you in any projects you may want, but do not know where or how to get started. Please send me a message on the contact page or call me at (480) 261-7516 so we can help get your construction project off the ground and turn it from an idea into a reality.

-Josh Semmler, your Bare Renovation construction expert